May 22, 2011
Riff This
Alexey Sonar - Rocker Flop (Original Mix) [Particles]

Progressive house is one of the most exciting parts of EDM right now, as more and more sounds are tossed into the melting pot. Check out one of my recent posts on a track called Set Me Free for an example. This time we’ve got the progressive sound we all know and love mixed with a whole bunch of awesome guitar. Indeed, Rocker Flop by Russian newcomer Alexey Sonar has managed to achieve what so many tracks have failed at: a seamless combination of guitar riffs and dance beats.

Once you hear that first riff you’ll know you’re in for something special, but it’s really at 3:00 where we find the start of something magical. A playful, almost jammy set of guitar riffs lead to a really cool-sounding synth right before a drop into that perfect blend I mentioned previously. The guitar riff then moves into loop position as high hats enter the scene, and then of course there’s that synth line that soars in and out to give the sound some real space to play in. Beautifully done.

It’s amazing to hear all the metamorphoses that progressive house is seeing right now, and we’re proud to be delivering the freshest new stuff! Want to hear more like this? Drop a comment!

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