Nov 20, 2014
Riff Raff Wants To Be ‘EDM Justin Bieber,’ Gives Out Major Lazer Collab
O.T. Genasis - CoCo (Trapzillas & RiFF RAFF & Major Lazer Remix)

RifFF RAFF, the 32-year-old rapper on Diplo‘s Mad Decent label, wants to be the “EDM Justin Bieber” and has signed a management deal alongside Kygo and Thomas Jack to do so.

Billboard reports that RiFF RAFF signed with Myles Shear at Golden Hare Group after meeting the talent manager on Mad Decent Boat Party. Shear is the manager of Kygo and Thomas Jack and his hard work can be held largely responsible for the rise of tropical house’s popularity. He spoke about how impressed he was with RiFF RAFF’s brand and versatility when meeting him on Mad Decent Boat Party:

“My first impression of RiFF RAFF was probably similar to most, but when we really got some time to spend together, I really got to understand his vision and how wonderful of a job he has done maintaining his brand,” Shear tells Billboard. “He already is a dance act, and he could really do anything. That’s how creative he is.”

There’s no doubt that with over 1 million Twitter followers and a personality that’s hard to forget, RiFF RAFF has a very strong brand. The artist feels that he’s always been a member of the EDM family, telling Billboard that he’s “the first and only EDM rapper to ever exist.” Perhaps the most recognizable part of RiFF RAFF’s brand is his knack for coming up with ridiculous, and generally hilarious, quotes. When Billboard asked him how he and Diplo linked up the rapper responded, “We’ve been friends for over 10 years. I’m the neon godfather of his kids. He pays me $70,000 a year to train his kids neon jujitsu.”

Only time will tell how this endeavor works out for the parties involved, but RiFF RAFF has high hopes for the partnership:

I want to be the EDM Justin Bieber. I’m Jody Bieber and humans aren’t gonna understand that until I have 15 super hot neon models with the loudest and craziest EDM trap neon rap set on the planet, playing in Dubai or at the Taj Mahal. But I’m still growing and learning, and I will never plateau. I think everyone sees that, so I can’t wait to join the WWE and be in movies as well.

Pick up a free copy of RiFF RAFF’s new collaborative remix of CoCo by O.T. Genasis with Trapzillas and Major Lazer here.

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