Jan 11, 2011
Ride Through Space
Wilkinson - Moonwalker [RAM]
Wilkinson - Samurai [RAM]

You know your musical career is going in the right direction when UK drum’n’bass legend Andy C calls you about featuring not 1 or 2 but 3 of your tracks for his beat-buzzing compilation Nightlife Vol. 5. That’s exactly what happened to young upstart from Southwest London Mark Wilkinson, known simply as “Wilkinson.” Like many of his counterparts in the UK dance scene, Wilkinson was introduced to music at early age, joined a few bands during his teens, then left it all for his newfound passion for dance music.

Two of Wilkinson’s tracks from Nightlife Vol. 5 were recently released as an EP: Moonwalker and Samurai. Incorporating UK-style dubstep, both tracks reflect Wilkinson’s production prowess and musical sense. With subtle atmospheric sounds, complex rhythmic changes, and heavy doses of wobbles, all the elements come nicely together into a polished yet still grimy package. Enjoy!

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