Sep 16, 2013
Revolvr & Fast Foot Team Up For ‘Rattle’
Revolvr & Fast Foot - Rattle (Original Mix) [Sick Slaughterhouse]

Trend-setting electro house label Sick Slaughterhouse has chosen a fine pair of talented musical minds to ring in their first release of the month – and they’re certainly no strangers to the independent Polish label. Las Vegas-based artist Revolvr (pictured) and Russian duo Fast Foot are turning heads with their latest compulsive release, Rattle, a floor-stomping collaboration that continues to plow its way up the electro house charts on Beatport.

Showcasing a fusion between electro house, big room, and even drum n’ bass, Rattle touches base with an array of electrifying genres and takes a few unpredictable, tempo-changing twists en route to a very satisfying auditory experience. Having dipped its toes into various tempos and rhythmic alterations, it’s almost as if Rattle is two mega-awesome tracks meshed into one. Head on over to Beatport to pick up your copy of Rattle today.

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