Jan 10, 2012
Return of Ralvero
Ralvero - Xtreme (Original Mix) [Hysteria]

A couple of months ago we introduced Dutch producer Ralvero. A dirty Dutch artist through and through, he’s followed his compatriots into branching the sound out with brand new single, Xtreme. Like other artists who’ve gotten recognition for their grimy beats, it looks like Ralvero’s embracing the shift towards proggy melodic sequences in his tunes. Xtreme is a departure from other “Dutchier” tracks with its big room, Michael Woods-esque theme. Fear not, though–there’s still more than enough heavy drops electro to satisfy the heart.

Ralvero’s already shown some promising producing chops, and Xtreme is a sign of an artist working to expand his craft. While I think the track’s a solid dancefloor bomb, I have high hopes that Ralvero will continue his progress. This means more innovative melodies, as well as sound fonts and effects that reflect his unique style. In the meantime, Xtreme should keep plenty of global clubgoers going til the early hours.

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