Feb 25, 2011
Return of Deathwave
Deathwave - Behemoth (Original Mix) [DJs Are Not Rockstars]

Not too long ago, I introduced you guys to talented New York City up-and-comer Nate Rodriguez-Vera aka Nathan Vice aka Deathwave. I promised to do another post on him as soon as his new stuff dropped, and that is what I’d like to deliver to you guys right now. Introducing Deathwave’s first label-released track, Behemoth, out on Brooklyn-based DJs Are Not Rockstars Records.

Deathwave pulls many influences into Behemoth, including acid house, big beat, and techno. If you check out his SoundCloud page, you’ll find some of his unreleased stuff–they too display similarly lofty levels of beatsmanship. Not only is Deathwave skilled as a producer in general, but his style also pays homage to older scenes that were filled with raw yet fresh sounds. Keep an eye on this guy; he may not be in the underground for long.

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