Feb 18, 2014
Resonate Drops Brain-Melting ‘Cosmic Expanse’ Mix
Resonate - Cosmic Expanse

I’m not usually one to find DJ mixes special enough to want to write about them, but this one is something else. Resonate is a DJ based in Chico, CA, blowing the minds of hippies at festivals like Burning Man, Cognitive Awakening, and Spirit-Fest Of The Holy Mongoose (copyright pending). He likes to craft organically evolving, psychedelic mixes that exist for epic peak experiences, and nothing characterizes that quite like his latest mix. Nearly four hours in length, this test of will goes through a range of genres wider than the Grand Canyon–bouncy breakbeats, spacey chillout, leisurely dub, wonky garage, psytrance slammers, and other uncategorizables, all held together by an obsession with trippy sounds, hyper-detailed sound design, emotive futurism, and traditional instrumentation.

Bigger names like Shpongle, Amon Tobin, and Burial pop up here and there but for the most part, there’s more overlooked producer talent in this mix than you can shake a stick at, and if you’re interested in the world of underground psychedelic electronica, this is one of the best intros you could find right now. Keep your eyes open for his name once festival season starts. The full version of his mix is available for free on his blog.

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