Aug 29, 2012
Remixing Channel Orange
Frank Ocean - Pink Matter (MANIK Skeleton Rework)
Frank Ocean - Pyramids (Kastle Remix)

Following the release of his incredible debut album, Frank Ocean has been at the forefront of the music world, so it was just a matter of time until scores of remixers got to task on the critically acclaimed channel ORANGE. Enter Kastle and MANIK, two young producers from vastly different ends of the musical spectrum, both with heaps of talent and soul.

A loved-up trap remix is just what Pyramids needed to complete the after-hours vibe hinted at at the end of the original. The lyrics here are out of order, telling a different story with help from chopped up, pitched down vocals and those helicopter hi-hats that are quickly invading the scene. Extra synths keys give the remix a spacey, dizzying feel. Download the Pyramids remix here free and check out more of Kastle’s sounds.

MANIK steps up to apply his love-drenched sound to the dreamy, somber funk of Pink Matter. Ocean’s crooning vocals set against a late-night deep house bassline are perfect here, sure to work the disco into a blur. MANIK’s touch on this one is super sexy and effective; real aural pleasure even without Ocean telling us so. Download the rework here free from this talented producer who already claims Poker Flat and Hot Creations as labels.

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