Jul 10, 2010
Relentless Assault
Steed Lord - Bed Of Needles (AKS & Syndaesia Remix)

Once again, we reach into the annals of recent electronic music history to bring you the very best of the fresh. We have another snippet from Electric Daisy Carnival: a true fiend of a dubstep track, dropped by none other than the very audacious Laidback Luke.

Now, when songs are dropped in a football stadium on very big speakers, something happens. They transform – evolve, if you will. While retaining its original flavor, a track will grow to fifty times its size and begin smashing things around. When you have a little number like this blasting at full bass in that situation, words fail to describe the mind and body-numbing awe that overtakes the entire crowd. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a dubstep monster.

As for the track itself, it’s a remix of unsigned electro-pop producer Steed Lord’s Bed of Needles by Belgian drum ‘n’ bass-turned-dubstep group Addicted Kru Sound & Syndaesia. That team recently made waves in the dubstep/indie dance world by participating in a very high-profile remix project of Iconoclasts by the Wu-Tang clan, dubbed “Enter the Dubstep.” Other names on board include Evol Intent, Excision and Datsik, so you know who their peers are.

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