Sep 05, 2010
Relax on an Intergalactic Level
Vertex - Archipelago (Original Mix) [TesseracTstudio]

It’s quite an achievement to create a song that fills your ears and acts as an instant stress reliever, and the brand new duo Vertex has created a song that is guaranteed to put you at ease. Archipelago, a track off their debut release Ocean, can best be summed up as a soothing string of sounds that practically embodies relaxation. The songs on the album string together in an almost storyline fashion, but Archipelago stands out as the quintessential track of the release.

Minimal beats are key in this song, as it sets up a terrific melodic and relaxing atmosphere. My recommendation is to let your guard down… really sink into this one and let it take you to your happy places. Time has no apparent relevancy when listening to this track; it’s as if tranquility is all you can feel… all there is. Without a doubt this could be the title song on a soundtrack through an interstellar space trip. Sit back, relax, and get ready to wander the atmospheric bliss that is Vertex’s Archipelago.

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