Aug 22, 2012
Redefining Orbion
Orbion - Epopee (Original Mix) [Inov8]
Orbion - Epopee (Intro Mix) [Inov8]

Ukrainian producer Orbion—not to be confused with the Armin van Buuren track of the same name—is a precocious young talent (just 18!) who’s delivered a beautifully rich release on Alter Ego sublabel Inov8 in the form of Epopee, which takes on the challenge of giving an airy-sounding track a lot of depth. Sounds like an oxymoron? It isn’t. You’re not going to find arena-destroying basslines or soaring orchestral breaks in here, and yet there’s a subtle weight in this track that can only come from real compositional mastery.

Epopee comes with no remixes, only an intro edit and a radio edit to back up the original mix. Honestly, that’s all this release needs. It’s intoxicating enough to hear it in three different formats. It’s easy to beat listeners over the head with in-your-face synths, but keeping their attention with something as light and progressive as this is difficult. Every little effect in this track has a purpose, and each sound is well-crafted. And in spite of being so light on its feet, Epopee is a decidedly darker track. Although technically all three mixes are just permutations of the same thing, the intro mix is perhaps my favorite; the slow build wouldn’t be out of place in a movie trailer or, even better, a music festival’s teaser video. With productions like these, this rising producer will be the first thing that comes to your mind at the name “Orbion.”

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