Jan 09, 2011
Reconnecting with Jean Elan
Jean Elan feat CJ Stone - Connected (Original Mix) [S2]
Jean Elan feat CJ Stone - Connected (Club Mix) [S2]

There are many barometers for measuring what draws us to music–production quality, melody, vocals are some tools of measurement. Some songs seem to blend all three, and the parts are usually connected by a pop element that drives its sticking power. Connected is one of those songs.

Jean Elan (pictured) received a nod for his talent with a nomination for a 2010 Grammy in the Best Remixer category for his remix of Röyksopp and Robyn’s The Girl And The Robot. He comes behind Paul van Dyk, Mousse T, and ATB as the 4th German to be nominated in this category–an impressive list indeed. David Guetta ended up taking the prize, but Jean’s nomination shows his accomplishment and acclaim in the dance music world. Proto and Kid Alien have already taken notice in this star, giving us Jean’s remixes of Voodoo & Serano and Boundzound.

Connected is addicting–be careful, you can easily overplay. That sticking power I spoke of earlier is driven by the melody from the piano-infused synth and the smart, catchy vocals of CJ Stone. Rich buildups and saturated drops are found in both the original and club mixes. The club mix has more energy as expected, but the original is pretty awesome, and could easily stand on it’s own. Listen to it now so you can recognize it in the club later.

This post is dedicated to James Shelnut and his love of house music. Get well soon, buddy.

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