Dec 19, 2010
Reckless Trancemanship
Setrise & Matthew Nagle - Reckless (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
Eco - People (Matthew Nagle Remix) [Tone Diary]

The union is complete–any holes or gaps that existed between trance and electro have now been filled by Reckless. Latvian electro trance innovator Matthew Nagle has teamed up with Dutch teenage sensation Setrise for their first epic collaboration. Both artists have been good at shaking things up a bit in the trance world, and they certainly accomplish it again with this track. Matthew Nagle in particular has been associated with some of the best tech-electro trance tracks I’ve ever heard, including his excellent remix of Eco’s People, where he beautifully incorporates his hard style with Eco’s gift for melody.

Reckless takes grimy analog basslines to a new level. The first half of the track is completely trancey, but beware; the ominous melody is only a portent to the destruction to come. The second half the track drops into an massive electro beat comprised of what I could only describe as heavy wobbly gold. The track has already begun to accumulate some major airplay, including time on Tiesto’s Club Life, so I expect (hope) to hear more from these trance radicals soon.

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