Dec 31, 2013
Recap: Dillon Francis @ The Fonda Theatre

This past Thursday marked the kickoff of Dillon Francis’ four-show marathon at the Fonda Theatre as the last leg of his IDGAFOS (I Don’t Give A F*ck Or Santa) tour. Like most of the stops on the tour before, this show was also sold out, despite being a Thursday night as well as the day after Christmas.

With this being my first time at the venue, I had no idea what to expect. I was greeted by the historic beauty of the massive entryway, quickly followed by the grimy sounds of LOUDPVCK and “Tiesto” fans everywhere. LOUDPVCK brought the energy and Anamanaguchi kept things real as they warmed up the room for Dillon. Between the sea of IDGAFOS hats, cat shirts, and Dillon head signs, there was no surprise when the chanting of Dillon’s name started up as Anamanaguchi walked off.

dillon francis

All I remember is the energy and rowdiness of the crowd when Dillon kicked the wild night off with a bang. His remix of Oliver’s Night Is On My Mind had the fans jumping to the ceiling. The rest of the night saw most of the Dillon classics, turnt up rap, and quite a few new songs, including collaborations with Martin Garrix and Diplo.

Near the end of the night, Dillon left the stage and eventually reappeared as DJ Hanzel. The applause and cheering was at its highest decibel at this point in the night. Hanzel gave sass and took the night deeper than anyone could have imagined. In the middle of his set, he stopped and simply said, “Okay. Bye.” and then exited the stage. Dillon then emerged and intimately closed out the night with some heartfelt shoutouts. Looking back on the gorgeous venue, the nonstop dancing, the amazing crowd, and the entertaining set, it’s safe to say Dillon has the city of Los Angeles tied around his finger.

dillon francis

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