Jul 02, 2011
Reality Check
Nero - Book of Harmony (Original Mix) [MTA]
Nero - My Eyes (Original Mix) [MTA]
Nero - The Way You Feel (Original Mix) [MTA]

With a recent performance alongside the London Philharmonic Orchestra and a year of unorthodox releases that shook the foundations of dance music, the legendary dubstep duo Nero has been constantly upping the ante as to how far a career in the ever-growing genre can go. Their new EP, Welcome to Reality, clocks in at a chunky six songs, and while a few of them (Innocence, Me & You,and Guilt) have seen the light of day in the form massive single releases, the other tracks unveiled on this release absolutely live up to the standard set by the duo this past year. The EP is acting as a preview for the full 14-track album set to release August 15th.

If you look at their recent track record, which includes everything from dance-infused bangers to a literal orchestral arrangement, it’s hard to put expectations for this group into words, especially on such a deep release. Their new tunes include Book Of Harmony, an epic electro house track that takes everybody’s favorite “Warp sample” to a level I’ve never seen before, as well as My Eyes, a dreamy, vocally driven late-night track with a healthy serving of rock textures. Another new track on the release is The Way You Feel, which is sometimes empty, sometimes seductive, and constantly heavy on the drums.

Welcome To Reality is one of the most well produced, but most diverse releases of 2011 without question. If you’re one of those people who has never really been able to “get into” dubstep, this release will at the very least show you how broad its horizons are growing to be. Be sure to get the album when it releases August 15th!

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