Mar 07, 2013
Raw Talent From The Lone Star State
Bames - DRTY BWTY (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]
Bames - Chrome Eagle (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]
Bames - Fine Lines (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]

You probably haven’t heard of this duo from Austin, TX; at least not yet. Despite their relatively small followings on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter, they’ve had their first release on one of the most well known labels, Fool’s Gold Records. This is Bames, and they’re shaking the walls, the ceiling, and the floor with their debut EP, DRTY BWTY.

Your best bet would be to head over to Beatport, grab the whole album, and listen to it straight through. There’s just the right amount of dirty, heavy bass to make your neighbors love you a little more, but you’ll also experience a nice dose of complexity throughout your journey. We do have a nice little preview for you though: the first two tracks, DRTY BWTY and Chrome Eagle, will put your headphones/subwoofer to the test, and the last track, Fine Lines, will help bring you back to reality.

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