May 24, 2011
Rap 2.0
Protohype - Memoirs
Protohype - Candy Paint
Protohype feat Mannie Fresh - Real Big

Rap and EDM are finally starting to fuse together in really incredible ways. For example, a while back I posted about Stylust Beats and just about killed Meshblorg with an unbelievable set of tracks. And while I certainly wouldn’t want to put the guy’s life in any more danger, Protohype’s new track, Real Big, needs to be heard. Sorry, Mesh.

Unlike some other acts in the scene, Protohype seems to approach the subgenre more from the hip hop side as opposed to the glitch side. You’ll find that the melodies and overall track have been crafted carefully around the vocals of the original by Mannie Fresh, which provides for more of a hip hop 2.0 feel to the sound. Real Big screams swag and attitude—with a complete dopesicle of a chorus. Yep, a dopesicle: a popsicle made entirely of dopeness; suck on that.

Also included on this post are two other amazing Protohype tracks. First up is Memoirs which is a classic rock-tinted glitch hop track. Bump this out the speakers of an old classic set of wheels with some nice hydraulics and I’m sure you’ll be making yourself some new friends in no time. Next up we’ve got Candy Paint, another incredible entry into the hip-hoppier glitch hop category. Drop this on an unsuspecting crowd at a party and watch the room get downright grimy.