Feb 05, 2011
Rank? High
Two Fingers - That Girl (High Rankin Remix)
Urchins - Drag On (High Rankin Remix) [San City High]

High Rankin is a pretty eccentric DJ/producer. Take, for instance, his bio on his Facebook page: “High Rankin was born into slavery at the Richard Madeley prison for the criminally sexy. He escaped in March 1875 and fashioned a career robbing Jewish diamond traders on the 17 bus to Henfield. Then a load of other stuff happened and now he is here. Ok? Happy now? Good.” Oooooooooook?

So now that we know the caliber of crazy that we’re dealing with, let me introduce some of his music. We’ve got two tracks for you, the first of which, a remix of That Girl by Two Fingers, is a unique, party anywhere/anytime kind of track. There’s a chance you might get to about 1:20ish into the track wondering exactly what you’re listening to as Sway lays down a rap for the listener. Wait a few more seconds and you’ll hit the beginning of the dancy beat via a pretty ridiculous drop. Get it now? Yeah, exactly. Something about this track distinctly feels like Girl Talk to me; I can just imagine him dropping this in one of his sets while all those crazy college kids party on stage. See if you agree.

The second track we’ll give you to introduce High Rankin here is Drag On, originally by Urchins. Despite its name, this track does anything but drag on, as each section is distinctly different from before. Hell, this is some of the most twisted dubstep I’ve ever heard. If anyone wants to shoot a music video to this I suggest you employ the use of a crazy dentist in some way. I dunno, just seems fitting giving that screw-like sound. Definitely a great deal of polish on this one, from the sidechained vocals to the unique builds and drops. Join me, when you’re done with this track, in letting out a “whoa.”

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