Oct 18, 2010
Raising The Bar
Craving - First Feeling (Original Mix) [Black Hole]
Craving - Aquatica (Original Mix) [Black Hole]
Craving - Winter Reflections (Original Mix) [Black Hole]

Is it just me or is there something about young Russian musicians that I don’t know? I can’t help but point out the the recent creative influx of Russian trance and progressive beats. They’re truly raising the bar for quality beats, and Craving is a perfect example. Made up of Denis Fedotov and Ilya Karpov from Moscow, they made a significant impact on the progressive and trance communities when their track Never Alone was featured on Richard Durand’s much-discussed compilation In Search Of Sunrise 8.

Their latest hit First Feeling was released on the First State Music, a sub-label of Black Hole Recordings. This remarkable production blends peaceful piano melodies with provocative marimba percussion. Also on the same EP (cover pictured) is Aquatica, a track with an incredible plural harmony of vocal emulating pads, cawing seagulls, bass stabs, acoustic guitars, and classic piano sounds. Lastly, Winter Reflections, ironically released this summer, is a refined mashup of hard progressive trance basslines with more common uplifting trance arpeggios.

If you’d like to download some of Craving’s latest tracks and keep up to date with their latest productions, be sure and subscribe to their free podcast.

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