Dec 31, 2011
Rainbow Connection
Mord Fustang - We Are Now Connected (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]

It’s been a while since we posted an original by Mr. Mord Fustang, but the guy sure hasn’t lost any of his talent. Case in point–Mord’s newest release We Are Now Connected, a track that many of the kids these days would refer to as a “banger.” I know that term is thrown around a lot nowadays, but there really isn’t a more perfect word to describe what’s going on here.

We Are Now Connected is a proper display of Mord’s brand of colorful, groovy electro house. Although it pulls several quirky and fast-paced elements characteristic of complextro, I’m hesitant to group it in with the likes of Porter Robinson. The track is certainly representative of the new, young generation of DJs sprouting up everywhere, but it also has a very Deadmau5 vibe to it–especially the progression that is eerily similar to Aural Psynapse. Regardless, genre classifications aside, We Are Now Connected is a fantastic track, and is quite playable whether you’re on the go or on the dancefloor. Nicely done, Mr. Fustang.

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