Jul 08, 2012
Rain In The Desert
Brian Flinn - Desert Rain (Original Mix) [Night Vision]

Spinnin’ sublabel Night Vision, headed by tech trance staple Simon Patterson, continues to live up to its unfailing reputation as a source of more good high-BPM trance than one would expect to hear in a less BPM-happy trance world these days. Budding Kansas producer Brian Flinn introduces a lush uplifter called Desert Rain to the roster.

There’s something intangibly good about Desert Rain; maybe it’s the atmospheric choral sounds that filter in early on in the track, or maybe it’s just the right combination of the myriad of other ethereal-sounding effects filtering in and out of the background. The string-laden break is evocative and gives a nod to classic uplifters. The overall effect takes Desert Rain out of miscellaneous-sounding set filler territory and into a league where it can hold its own.

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