Dec 24, 2013
Rafa Barrios Debuts ‘Festivulus’ EP On Carl Cox’ Intec Label
Rafa Barrios - Festivulus (Preview) [Intec]
Rafa Barrios - Killing Zoo (Preview) [Intec]

As indicated by the extensive inventory of artists who’ve supported his productions, Spanish breakout producer Rafa Barrios is undoubtedly making waves among the global techno scene. After recently unveiling his debut release for Carl Cox’s apprized Intec label (titled Festivulus EP), the young prodigy strides one-step closer towards the underground forefront.

Comprised of two brand new studio originals, Rafa’s Festivulus EP yields a whopping portion of his avant-garde sounds–a unique brand of festival-appropriated techno and tech house, refined by the Spaniard throughout his relatively brief career-life.

Kicking off with the vigorous title track, Festivulus, the release promptly delves into the danceable domain of aggressive underground swagger. Earmarked by a series of sharp chord attacks embedded within a driving 4/4 rhythm, Festivulus gives peak-time dancefloors a relentless steel beat to keep the crowd on their toes.

Complemented by the syncopated stylings of the B-side, Killing Zoo, the double-sided EP lastly makes a pass at the more sumptuous margins of hard techno. Shelving out a ruthless onslaught of edgy drumlines and grainy distortions, Rafa ties up his latest masterpiece with a blast of tech house stamina, bursting right through the speakers.

LessThan3 was fortunate enough to catch up with the recent Intec inductee before he departs for Mexico’s sixth annual BPM Festival next week. Check out below what Rafa had to share regarding the Festivulus EP and his future production endeavors. Pick up his newest release right here on Beatport.

Festivulus EP Banner

How did Carl Cox initially discover your music?
I believe he first heard my early releases on KD Music, and since then, he’s always been a huge supporter of all my tracks.

Why do you feel Intec is the proper label to host your newest productions?
I’ve always been a fan of Intec and their several releases, but I’m especially fond of Carl Cox and his global legacy.

Can you recall the studio process for developing the Festivulus EP?
I spent a little over a month-and-a-half creating both tracks for the new EP, and since I was very excited for this particular release, it was quite a pleasant process putting it together.

What projects do you have in the works for release in 2014?
Well, I have a lot of overall new material to put out next year. I’m currently working on remixes for Danny Tenaglia, Gabriel Anada, Santos, and many others. There’s so much going on right now; it looks like we have a year’s worth of projects to release.

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