Jan 14, 2014
WTF!? Racist Remarks Raise Tempers In Kiwi Club Scene

Carl Cox and crew clashed with New Zealand club owner Neil Andrews and nearly cancelled a booking at his Wellington venue over a racist comment made on Andrews’ personal Facebook page directed at Indians.

The below post has since been deleted and written off as a joke by Andrews after he was threatened by Cox with a cancellation of his set at Famous on Jan. 17 if an apology was not issued.

famous nightclub indian racist

Stoney Roads reports via Massive Magazine that Andrews’ next move was a public apology and offer to host an Indian night with Indian DJs.

“Yes, I am over the top in the way I do it at times, but it gets the issue and message out there. I certainly didn’t want to offend a whole race of human beings and for this I am extremely regretful.”

Massive reports that the NZ dance music community is in a general state of disgust with Andrews, and they even got a colleague of his to offer some additional info on the situation. Although he apologized for the statement and said he went too far, Andrews emphasized that he feels free to speak how he wants on his personal Facebook, and he still believes there’s a problem with women being harassed by “creepy” Indian men.

Read the whole story, including more from Andrews, here.

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