Aug 05, 2012
RAC Punk
RAC feat Liz Anjos - Something About Us (Original Mix)
RAC feat Penguin Prison - Hollywood (Original Mix)

RAC have just hit a milestone 20,000 likes on their Facebook Page. We know just how huge facebook milestones can be, so we wanted to re-share what the boys from RAC have done to celebrate. They are giving away a free rework of Daft Punk’s Something About Us. When I say rework, I really mean they reworked the whole thing from the ground up. In a few words, it’s three and a half minutes of serenity. In one word, it’s amazing.

Singer Liz Anjos does a fantastic job of taking the original’s lyrics and making them her own; they’re almost a whisper, taking the listener on a journey to the memories of that special someone. Acoustic instruments and intermittent bits of bass drum set the tone for the track, while atmospheric effects give it a very powerful feel. I’ve also attached one of my other favorite past RAC tracks, Hollywood featuring Penguin Passion (also available for free download). It’s got more of an old school disco sound–something that I’ve been growing increasingly fonder of in recent times. Congratulations to RAC on their achievement!

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