Apr 25, 2013
Quit Together. Transcend.

Not much is known about Quit Together. Zuli and Bosaina make up the mysterious duo from Cairo, both on the beats and B on the vocals, but that’s about all the info we’ve got on this group that’s in the business of making what they’ve dubbed “transcendent hiptronica.”

Their first (or 12th?) track, The Imitation Of, leads off with a trip-hop meets industrial vibe reminiscent of the Dust Brothers. Ethereal vocals are shrouded in reverb, lending a distant melody to the group’s heady sound. Those same vocals are front and center on Dancer, a sultry affair that’s made for the afterparty, or perhaps even the strip club. Quit Together then slow things down with Shadows, lurching forward and back like some chopped-and-screwed witch house lost in a haze.

Their SoundCloud is as cryptic as their background, with just the three originals and a twisted remix of the also-enigmatic Captain Murphy, but make sure to stay up with the group for more originals soon to come.

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