Nov 07, 2011
Quiet Riot
Extrawelt - Swallow the Leader (Original Mix) [Cocoon]
Extrawelt - Blendwerk I (Original Mix) [Cocoon]
Extrawelt - Blendwerk II (Original Mix) [Cocoon]

Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe–ever heard of them? If not, shame on you! Together, these two Hamburg residents produce rockin’ German minimal techno under the name Extrawelt. Some may even call their production riotous– which is probably where the album title of their latest release, In Aufruhr, came from. It loosely translates to ‘a riot,’ which it is. It’s the most minimal riot I’ve ever heard.

I couldn’t help but have my brains blown out my ears from the inside when I heard techno as massively good as the tracks on In Aufruhr. Check out Swallow the Leader and Blendwerk I and II. These are some of my favorites off of the new release on Cocoon, and I’m sure you’ll dig ‘em just as much (that is, if you enjoy having your brains blown out like I do).

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