Jun 03, 2014
Q-dance To Return To TomorrowWorld For One Night Only

International hard dance brand Q-dance and its custom stage dedicated to hardstyle is a hot-button issue for TomorrowWorld officials in 2014 after local residents cited it as the most disturbing of 2013’s eight stages.

Local outlet Georgia Unfiltered covered the May 31 community meeting in a video piece (seen below, via a post on Dancing Astronaut) in which Barbara Bouckaert speaks on behalf of TomorrowWorld, assuring residents of Cedar Grove in Fulton County, GA that the stage with the “big scorpions and very hardcore music” has been removed from the plans and will not return in 2014. Bouckaert explains that while the Q-dance stage might be replaced by another, it will not be placed in the same location, thus alleviating some of the perceived noise issue, and won’t offer “the same kind of hardcore music.”

Representatives of Q-dance responded today via Facebook, assuring fans that Q-dance will “definitely be back this year.” The brand will be taking over “one of the outdoor stages” on Friday, Sept. 26, suggesting a compromise might’ve been reached between the options of three nights versus no nights following the Cedar Grove community’s feedback. This will likely eliminate the possibility of a big, scary “scorpion” since Q-dance will be sharing a stage with other hosts, but will surely not prevent “the same kind of hardcore music,” at least not on Friday. Q-dance said it will release the full lineup for their stage shortly, so check back in with their page soon.

All potential setbacks associated with launching a mega-festival considered, TomorrowWorld seems to have kept the impact on the local community to a reasonable minimum. Their other major qualm to quell from locals in 2014 is the impromptu fourth day, occurring Thursday night as most attendees arrive and begin partying before the actual festival begins Friday.

Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards sympathizes with the festivalgoers and their desire to get, “whatcha call it? ‘Cranked up?'” on Thursday when they arrive, however he points out that this stretches the three-day festival into four, much to the frustration of the local community.

The security plan is to remain roughly the same, with around 900 security guards responsible for the interior supported by local law enforcement to secure the perimeter of the fest and assist with serious matters inside.

Watch the full video below, and check out the initial TomorrowWorld lineup here. The fest goes down Sept. 26-28, so get your tickets and more info here.

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