Jan 21, 2011
Put Down Your Weapon
Deadmau5 feat Greta Svabo Bech - Raise Your Weapon (Dashka Rework)

One of the most loved tracks on Deadmau5′ recent album 4×4=12 was the chilled out and dubsteppy Raise Your Weapon. All around the internet it is easy to see how much love that track has received, but the truth is that I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of it. Why? I feel like the song is actually two very separate tracks in one, and the vocals are a bit dissonant over the mau5-y wobs. Ireland-based Dashka must have felt those sentiments exactly, as evidenced in his rework of the track. Spun with a deeply emotional strings and piano proggy style, he has taken Raise Your Weapon to an entirely new level.

As I began to explain earlier, the vocals on the track have always felt kind of proggy in nature, as if their purpose was somehow to calm you. Dashka, apparently fully cognizant of that fact, has taken that one element, raised it out of the track, and reworked everything else underneath it. This version carries with it an energy-infusing driving bassline that makes it an excellent late-night kinda track. Now all this talk comparing against the original is not meant to discredit the mau5 at all–the concept behind the original made a lot of sense. I think he was going for a bit of a “beautiful chaos” sort of approach, but the track was not as cohesive as it could have been. Anyway–decide for yourself!

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