Jan 13, 2015
Purity Ring Announces Sophomore LP, Releases New Track ‘Begin Again’

After teasing fans with a new single in December, Canadian duo Purity Ring has officially announced the release of their sophomore record along with a brand new track titled Begin Again.

Group members Megan James and Corin Roddick revealed that the follow-up to their 2012 debut Shrines will be called Another Eternity, and that the album will be released March 3 via 4AD. The track, Begin Again, sees Purity Ring continue to expand their sound into a more pop-focused direction, as the duo offers up a mix of lovesick lyrics juxtaposed with waves of heavy synth breaks and weighty beats. Listen to the track in full below.

Another Eternity will be the first official studio record from Purity Ring. According to James and Roddick, the two recorded Shrines in separate pieces while living in different towns. The duo decided to record their second album together in their hometown of Edmonton, Alberta in order to be inspired by the “frozen industrial landscapes of their birthplace.”

1. Heartsigh
2. Bodyache
3. Push Pull
4. Repetition
5. Stranger Than Earth
6. Begin Again
7. Dust Hymn
8. Flood On The Floor
9. Sea Castle
10. Stillness In Woe

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