Jan 14, 2012
Pure in <3
Purity Ring - Lofticries [Fat Possum]
Purity Ring - Belispeak [Fat Possum]
Purity Ring - Ungirthed [Fat Possum]

If there were one group that I’d really like to see a full LP from in 2012, it would probably be Purity Ring. The duo is traveling the country right now putting on live shows with their unique set of instruments, including one that looks like a set of pipes and a midi controller. Based on videos of their live performances, you can see that Corin creates the blissful melodies in Lofticries by banging on the pipes. In addition to some satisfying voice effects, Megan also sings some cryptic lyrics that seem to reflect a sexual theme or struggle.

The unique sound of Purity Ring is rather mysterious, with unusual song names and enchanting lyrics. For example, Belispeak accomplishes a kind air of desperation with some rather retro keyboards and drums. Lastly, we have their delightfully upbeat and catchy Ungirthed, which they’ve shared for free on their Tumblr.