Jan 24, 2011
Pulse Wave
Camo & Krooked - Feel Your Pulse [Viper]
Camo & Krooked - Cliffhanger [Viper]

Those crazy Austrians are at it again. Camo & Krooked are slamming you with a brand-new EP, Pulse of Time, in just under two weeks on the 31st of January. If you recall my previous post or two about the young duo, you’ll remember how I gushed about their frenzied but very musical balance of dubstep and drum’n’bass, like a junior Nero or Pendulum. Today’s fare is well to the side of drummy beats.

Feel Your Pulse starts off with a marching pace, straight into what you might call drumstep. But soon, Camo & Krooked reveal their true nature as drum’n’bass prodigies; hard breakbeats rain down as a mind-melting bassline straight out of dubstep ties it all together. Switch to Cliffhanger, and you’ve got yourself a dark, hardcore burner more along the lines of Spor and Noisia. Both these songs feature the classic Camo & Krooked insanity-inducing buildup, which is more than welcome in a drum’n’bass destroyer. These two songs comprise the first half of the EP–keep your eyes and ears peeled for the second half on January 31st.

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