Dec 24, 2010
The Rogue Element - Lumina (Loose Cannons Re-Flux) [Exceptional]

FACT: You can never have enough psychedelia on a site. Given that, here’s one of the best psychedellic house tracks of the year. Loose Cannons, a duo from the UK, does their thing to The Rogue Element’s Lumina, giving it a heavy twist of experimental. Grab a pair of good headphones or a nice sound system for this one; your ears will be gallantly rewarded.

The track introduces itself as your standard chill house song, but around a minute it can’t help but show its true colors. A world of psychedelics, lasers and colors yet to be invented peer through at about a minute in. The track finally releases the beautiful monster within just before the three minute mark, and for the listener its destruction is nothing short of glorious.

This is a track that I’ve gotten lost in continuously for the past few weeks; hopefully you can too!

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