Apr 07, 2013
Pryda’s Power Drive
Pryda - Power Drive (Original Mix) [Pryda Recordings}

Eric Prydz, aka Pryda, needs no introduction. The progressive house maestro is back with his newest song, Power Drive, out now on his own Pryda Recordings. It’s a magical odyssey that clocks in at nearly 9 minutes and proves once again why he is the king. You know by now what to expect with an Eric Prydz release, and the man does not disappoint.

Power Drive is a classic Pryda production in all the ways that matter – slow burning “pseudo” climaxes, spacey, progressive synths, and a dark, pounding bassline. The track opens with an eerie buildup before launching straight into classic Pryda sounds, and while it all sounds familiar, it is exactly what we want to hear. The track has a certain old-school vibe that most mainstream progressive house songs lack – no cheesy lyrics or “Happy Meal” synths here; this is a crisp, refined sound from a master of the genre. Head over to Beatport now and pick up Power Drive.

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