Oct 14, 2011
Proper Technique
ill.Gates & Datsik - Eviction [Muti]
ill.Gates & Samples - Crystal Math [Muti]
ill.Gates & MiM0SA - Never Alone [Muti]

When titans drop tracks, the whole world listens. ill.Gates is no newcomer, and when it comes to standing on the shoulders of EDM giants, there are no better shoulders to plant your feet on than those of the the Illest of the Ill–Mr. Gates. He’s been in the game for a hot minute, and is one of the driving forces behind his scene, as well as being the genius behind many artists’ Ableton setups.

The ill.Methodology has been in the pipeline for a long enough time now to be heavily anticipated, and now that it’s here, its safe to say that Gates and his collaborators did not disappoint. The album is packed with eighteen diverse and quirky tracks and A-list EDM names. They bring the bass, glitch it out, and then fire concentrated cannonballs of it out of subwoofers into your auditory cortex. Definitely one of the top releases of 2011! Crystal Math heads off the album with a bang, or a glitch–both, really. This track has some bump to it! Wash it down with some Never Alone, a collab with LT3 favorite Mimosa, before bringing it home with ill and Datsik’s Eviction. Look into ill.Gates; he’s doing big things in the scene right now!

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