Apr 16, 2012
Proper Goldie Bizness
Goldie feat Natalie Duncan - Freedom (Original Mix) [Metalheadz]
Goldie feat Diane Charlemagne - Inner City Life (Original Mix) [Metalheadz]

The gold-grilled Metalheadz label boss known as Goldie has hit a historic milestone in his long and storied career as a drum’n’bass entrepreneur. With an outfit of artists that reads like a who’s who of d’n’b, Metalheadz Records has hit its 100th release–an epic landmark for the label that’s been entrenched in quality d’n’b since 1994. To commemorate this anniversary event, Goldie has given the d’n’b massive a new song called Freedom that is reminiscent of Inner City Life from his debut album TImeless–the tune that pushed its way to number 39 on the 1995 UK singles chart and established Metalheadz as a top label in d’n’b.

Freedom will draw comparisons to 1995’s Inner City Life for obvious reasons: the vocals from Natalie Duncan in the former are remarkably similar to Diane Charlemagne’s from the latter. Both artists have incredibly robust voices, and their ability to sustain notes with vibrato are hauntingly enthralling. Freedom also features a synthetic pad harmony that is eerily reminiscent of Inner City Life’s pad phrase. Freedom goes a few steps beyond Inner City Life though, adding some crunchy, distorted guitar riffs and a few freshly minted breakbeat edits that have become synonymous with Goldie productions. The rarefied flavor that Goldie once imparted on d’n’b so many years ago has been officially revived in Freedom, and the wait was well worth it.

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