Nov 10, 2012
Promise Land’s Emotional Remixes
Promise Land feat Georgi Kay - Emotions (Master Mood Remix) [Big Beat]
Promise Land feat Georgi Kay - Emotions (John Dahlback Remix) [Big Beat]
Promise Land feat Georgi Kay - Emotions (Mikael Weermets Remix) [Big Beat]

The much-anticipated remix package of Promise Land’s wild single Emotions just hit shelves with three flawless remixes. The bundle boasts a star-studded cast of remixers that have destroyed 2012; John Dahlback, Mikael Weermets and Master Mood all give us their renditions of the popular summer favorite.

First up is John Dahlback. What more is there to say about the heavily sought-after veteran.?He destroys every track he lays his hands on, and this production is no different. Dahlback brings in a deep, edgy bassline and a catchy melody as he gives Emotions a more structured, yet equally heavy spin. The rising Swede Mikael Weermets tackles the second rework of the Emotions remix EP. Weermets gives us a production worthy of mainstage play with a powerful big room drop and piercing high-end synths. He captures the true emotions within the original amid a delicate balance of divine vocals and beautiful piano riffs.

The last remix is brought to us by the Italian duo Master Mood. Master Mood has been steadily releasing tracks over the years but their most recent original, Los Angeles 515, is an absolute club smasher and was featured on Promise Land’s Amazing Show #75 back in July. Their remix has more of a low-end approach to it as they hammer in a fat bassline beneath the rising synths of the original. Each remix is exquisite in it’s own way so make sure to support the artists and pick up this remix package on Beatport.

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