Jul 18, 2010
Progressive Is The Future
Embliss - Lemonakia (Original Mix) [Armada]
Embliss - Beverly Drive (Original Mix) [Armada]

Progressive House is the most impressive hybrid genre on the planet. It is the lovechild of Trance and House music by combining the beautiful melodies of trance with smooth house beats. Lemonakia by Embliss is the perfect example of this fusion. The track is a clear example of complete harmony among pads and pianos flowing over a chill bassline. Lemonakia conveys the most absolute deepest moods and sensations. It will put you into a trance with its sweet melodies patiently layered on one at a time. Beverly Drive that is also included on the Lemonakia EP introduces a funkier bassline while still preserving that deep progressive atmosphere.

Embliss is a dutch producer (no surprise there) by the name of Tim Brandwik. He’s been addicted to pianos and keyboards since an early age and has released many records on several labels since then. The genius is currently signed onto Electronic Elements, which is a sub-Label of Armada that specializes in progressive house, trance, and breaks. He runs a monthly radio show called Mind Over Matter where he showcases the latest in progressive house, trance and breaks. It airs every third Sunday of the month on Proton Radio and is also available in podcast form.

Lemonakia is the definitive sound of progressive house. I am completely obsessed with this masterpiece and I hope you all discover its astounding beauty as well.

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