Sep 20, 2011
Professor K
Adam K - Point Out of a Curve (Club Edit) [Hotbox Digital]
Adam K & Soha - Circadian Rhythm (Original Mix) [Radj]
Funkagenda & Adam K - Drift (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom]

Adam K is a quality name in the progressive house scene, mainly known for his huge collaboration with Kaskade and Soha called 4 AM. Also praised here at LessThan3 for his smooth vocal hit Wake Up, Toronto-based Adam Kershen has taken his sound into a dark and trancey realm this time around. Presenting Point Out of a Curve on Hotbox Digital, a name that definitely reminds me of high school algebra class.

The clever cover art for Point Out of a Curve is inspired by the TV show How I Met Your Mother, where character Barney explains the Vicky Mendoza Curve. The curve is rather simple–the hotter a girl is the more acceptable her level of craziness becomes. According to the big red point Adam K made, this tune is well past the point of where the level of “hotness” can overcome the level of crazy (i.e. this tune is insane).

Teaming up once again with his fellow Canadian Soha, the duo released a new uplifting jam Circadian Rhythm on Soha’s Radj Music. This tune achieves its appeal with vocal chops and a polite piano melody. Having also gotten together with Funkagenda, the two great minds produced a tune called Drift, filled with heavy beats and an old school trance harmony. I can definitely imagine all these tunes going perfectly into a set by Michael Woods.

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