Aug 14, 2012
Professional Griefmau5
Deadmau5 feat Gerard Way - Professional Griefers (Vocal Mix) [Mau5trap]
Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers (Instrumental Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]

> Intro sentence singing Deadmau5′ praises goes here <. Seriously, what is there left to be said about the man who is most responsible for the dance music explosion in North America? The cat-loving Canadian's new LP, > album title goes here <, is set for release September 25th, and the hype is overflowing with the release of his new single, Professional Griefers.

Fans of the mau5 will recognize the instrumental from live shows and set rips, but the addition of My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way really adds to the producer’s rock star sound. Scathing vocals are a perfect compliment to tension-building electro, like the battle cry of a machine army. And that melodic payoff is incredible–a live show jaw-dropper as an instrumental and an infectious pop-song hook with Way’s vocal touch.