Dec 10, 2013
Pretty Lights Releases ‘A Color Map Of The Sun Remixes’ For Free
Pretty Lights - Let's Get Busy (heRobust Remix) [Pretty Lights]
Pretty Lights - My Only Hope (Blood Diamonds Remix) [Pretty Lights]
Pretty Lights - Vibe Vendetta (GRiZ Remix) [Pretty Lights]

Pretty Lights recruited an all-star bass-tronaut team to revisit the solar cartography work in his A Color Map Of The Sun Remixes album, offered up today for free.

Only the best and brightest in boom are admitted into the Pretty Lights space program, and the resulting remixes are at the top of their class.

Datsik doles out the dubstep damage in the heavy, aggressive version of Around The Block, which offers a fair share of distorted, vintage basslines on its own, but not compared with the filth infused by the Firepower boss.

heRobust examines the journey Smith took on Let’s Get Busy, and says, “let’s go further.” He injects some extremely volatile bass concentrate into the fuel chamber, and it’s off past the grimiest reaches of the glitch galaxy to revisit one of the best discoveries of the original expedition.

Pretty Lights color map of the sun remixes

Blood Diamonds was the absolute perfect selection for My Only Hope and its upbeat demeanor, which Blood elevates further with light chimes and dreamlike pads–gorgeous.

GRiZ brings his signature crunch and grinding leads to the once-coasting Vibe Vendetta, bringing it up to speed with the rest of the high-energy package and offering one seriously danceable Pretty Lights track.

Pretty Lights’ own live drummer, Adam Deitch, and his Break Science broham, Borahm Lee, lay down a luscious hip hop beat that offers a ton of BS, but not in the way you might think.

12th Planet goes WAY down in Go Down Sunshine, pounding eardrums to the pavement in his textbook dubstep remix and offering a nightmarish counterpoint to the elation found in the Blood Diamonds contribution.

The entire album is filled with fantastic work, so don’t sleep on a single track (especially not the Culprate remix, if you’re feeling adventurous). Pick it up for free here, courtesy of Pretty Lights Music.

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