Jan 14, 2015
Pretty Lights Gives Away 10 New Tracks
Pretty Lights - steppinout2 (Original Mix)
Pretty Lights - rockmysoul (Original Mix)
Pretty Lights - MOCEANbreakswithSTRINGS (Original Mix)

A longtime advocate of free music, Derek Smith, Pretty Lights, recently found a cool new way to release music to his fans: simply uploading the tracks straight to their laptops.

During this year’s Jam Cruise, the producer was mingling with some fans when the idea came about that they should be the ones responsible for sharing their favorite artists’ music. One lucky fan in particular, a girl by the name of Cassie Blochinger, was bestowed the honor as Smith proceeded to upload 10 never-before-heard Pretty Lights tracks directly to her laptop. The collection features a mix of both completed and unfinished tracks.

Thanks to Cassie, you can download the the entire collection for yourself through Mediafire here.