Feb 17, 2011
Pretty Lights Dazzles
Pink Floyd - Time (Pretty Lights Remix)
Pretty Lights - Hot Like Sauce (Rustified Remix)

Pretty Lights has released some new remixes on his website, and the best part? They’re free! As always, he kindly asks for a donation. So, if you’re in the giving mood, please brighten up his day and share the wealth. You’ll feel better about yourself, I promise. Well, let’s get right into things. How do these remixes stack up to his normal stuff? They’re the classic big room, shiny glitch hop songs you would expect from him.

One of my favorites on this package has got to be his remix of Time by Pink Floyd. First of all, it’s Pink Floyd. You can’t really choose a more awesome artist to remix. Secondly, the remix is just dope. The guitar riffs and vocals from the original are all kept intact, but that’s about the only thing you’ll recognize. Pretty Lights manages to change everything up and make it a glitch hop extravaganza. Wobbly synth and explosive chords shine over an intermittent beat of hard drums and claps. I have a lot of fun talking about this song–almost as much fun as I have listening to it.

Another awesome song on this release is Pretty Lights’ remix of one of his older songs, Hot Like Sauce. He calls it the “Rustified” remix. Although I’m not really sure what that means, I can only imagine it mean something along the lines of swanky. That’s exactly what this song sounds like–hip-hoppy, electroey, swaggery bliss. It’s got just the right amount of bite mixed with the right amount of beauty. He always manages to find a profound equilibrium. Well, what are you waiting for? Treat your ear buds and press the play button.

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