Mar 05, 2014
Pretty Lights’ ‘Color Map’ B-Side Is ‘Lost And Found’
Pretty Lights - Lost And Found (Original Mix)

Pretty Lights shared a previously unreleased B-side track from his latest LP today, a suave, trumpet-led number steeped in the sounds of the album for which it was created.

You may recall the name Lost And Found as a mysterious item on the Divergent film soundtrack when it was uncovered Feb. 21. Having never released a tune by that name, an ODESZA remix was confusing to say the least. The luminous one, Derek Vincent Smith, cleared the air with an attached announcement that more B-sides from A Color Map Of The Sun would be surfacing in the near future on Pretty Lights Music.

In terms of Color Map, Lost And Found recalls the flavor of Vibe Vendetta and Yellow Bird. Dreamy horns and strings float atop the hip hop foundation augmented with a thick crunch kicking off each bar, packed with that instantly recognizable PL whomp. Smith’s ability to make something so simultaneously powerful and beautiful is what earned him a Grammy nomination for the album and a stellar remix package, in addition to the inclusion on the Divergent soundtrack. Pick up Color Map and the remix LP here for free, and check back soon for more unreleased material and the ODESZA remix when it becomes available. Enjoy the visuals made for the track, below.

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