Jul 02, 2013
Pretty Lights Busts Out His Color Map Of The Sun
Pretty Lights - Press Pause (Original Mix) [8 Minutes 20 Seconds]
Pretty Lights - Yellow Bird (Original Mix) [8 Minutes 20 Seconds]
Pretty Lights - My Only Hope (Original Mix) [8 Minutes 20 Seconds]

All year I’ve been waiting for the new Pretty Lights album A Color Map Of The Sun to come out, and now it’s finally released. True to his sound that combines old school funk with new school bass, this new LP is pure pleasure for the ears. Through the accompanying documentary, the Colorado-based producer explained, “This new record was an experiment in creating modern, cutting-edge music with gear that existed forty years ago.”

Equipped with live instruments and vocals, Pretty Lights nailed the vibes he was going for; the album’s rich sound speaks directly to the heart. Tracks like Press Pause overflow with sincere emotion, and cuts like Yellow Bird really hit the spot with sentimental melodies and crisp harmony.

A total of 13 tracks long, the LP is full of variety and character. It includes recent singles like So Bright and Around The Block, as well as more progressive tracks like One Day They’ll Know. Lastly, it closes with My Only Hope, a bittersweet symphony that strikes you deep.

The effort Pretty Lights put into his album is outstanding. Be sure to download the deluxe version here on iTunes or as a vinyl release here. Also check out the documentary here for a behind-the-scenes look of how he composed the record.

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