Jul 29, 2011
Prepare To Be Seduced
Vincenzo & Talking Props - Seduction (Extended Mix) [Dessous]
Vincenzo & Talking Props - Seduction (Jimpster Remix) [Dessous]
Vincenzo & Talking Props - Seduction (Tuff City Kids Remix) [Dessous]

May’s Wherever I Lay My Head was a high point for Vincenzo and for deep house in general. Those who opted for the CD version over the vinyl were rewarded with two fantastic exclusives, The Clearing and Seduction. Given that these are the two tracks Dessous has released as EPs (the former back in January and the latter in the last month), their omission seems peculiar. The original Seduction mix is included here for those who missed it first time around, along with a couple of excellent remixes from Jimpster and Tuff City Kids.

The extended version of Seduction found here is a minute longer than the one on the album, but other than the slight change in length the two are identical. The result of a collaboration between Vincenzo and Talking Props member Diogo Accioly, the track is replete with smooth chord progressions and effortlessly sexy female vocals, all enhanced by some sparkling production. Jimpster is definitely in the upper echelon of deep producers hailing from the UK, and his rework here is fantastic. He injects energy into the original melodies, turning the languid, rolling swells into something altogether funkier and spicier. Tuff City Kids present yet another completely different interpretation, giving the percussion a total vintage overhaul and pumping the result full of chopped retro samples and acidic synths. This all amounts to an exceptionally satisfying twenty minutes of lush house music–the extended original for those who went vinyl back in May, the Jimpster mix for the late-night groovers, and Tuff City Kids for balding ravers who miss Madchester and think everything sounds better with an 808.

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