May 27, 2011
Prepare for Eradication
Chaosphere & Datsik - Eradicate (Original Mix) [Rottun]
Chaosphere - System (Original Mix) [Rottun]
Chaosphere - Venom (Original Mix) [Rottun]

Rottun Recordings is back, and they mean business with their new release Eradicate. Featuring the work of Canadian newcomer Chaosphere and a helping hand by Rottun regular Datsik, this EP what Rottun is all about: extremely destructive, in-your-face wobbles. With five entire tracks to melt minds, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Similar to other dubbers from Rottun, Chaosphere came from a background of heavy metal and hardcore, and proceeded to translate the fury from analog to digital. Eradicate is a warping, wobbling monster of a dubstep track, with elements of Datsik’s machine symphonies lurking between dark, ominous beats. Moving onto System, it becomes apparent who Chaosphere really is–a master of dubstep fury. All his songs make you want to do is put on a mean face and thrash your head. The last song up there, Venom, might just take the cake–it’s straight up Rottun drumstep.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Chaosphere is actually the name of Swedish metal band Meshuggah’s influential album. Not much is known personally about the emerging artist, but if this what he’s made of, sign me up please. While their label is concentrated around this particular sound, Rottun still has my utmost respect for consistent awesomeness.

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