Jun 01, 2014
PREMIERE: X-Vertigo feat. Gia – Bombs Remixes EP
X-Vertigo feat. Gia - Bombs (Sandro Silva Remix) [X-Vertigo Attack!]
X-Vertigo feat. Gia - Bombs (D.O.D Remix) [X-Vertigo Attack!]
X-Vertigo feat. Gia - Bombs (Andy Callister Remix) [X-Vertigo Attack!]

X-Vertigo’s highly volatile Bombs gets reverse engineered by Sandro Silva, D.O.D., and Andy Callister, who each brought their own homemade explosive devices to Bombs Remixes.

The Paris-born Californian X-Vertigo (pictured) keeps his recent big room and progressive output on full blast with Bombs, his latest in a steady flow of releases on his own X-Vertigo Attack! imprint, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere of all three high-powered remixes.

Each incendiary device utilizes the addictive melody and tense verse of Gia to precede their own unique rendition of X-Vertigo’s explosion.

Silva’s big room electro take draws its power from a dirty set of sawtooth synth that conjures up an undead brass section in between luminous pauses to spotlight Gia’s vocals.

D.O.D. freeze-frames the blast and runs it back and forth in the lunging, snarling drop of his electro version, which takes home the award for baddest attitude of the three.

A hopeful, piano-led offering from Andy Callister soundtracks the cleanup with warm, progressive vibes that apply a healing tone to Gia’s imagery and a great way to round out the collection.

Pick up all three June 16 from X-Vertigo Attack!

X-Vertigo Attack bombs remix sandro silva andy callister d.o.d.

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