Feb 18, 2014
Premiere: Stream Cotton Claw’s Debut EP ‘DUSTED’
Cotton Claw - Burt (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Climax (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Suzanna (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Crooked (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Switches (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Naked (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Crooked (Julien Mier Remix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Switches (Kelpe Remix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Naked (Slugabed Remix) [Cascade]

Cotton Claw is a brand new supergroup composed of French producers Liléa Narrative, La Chauve Souris, YoggyOne, and Zerolex, all established solo artists in their own right who’ve come together to create something that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. And this is no mere studio project–the quartet performs all of their music in real-time, shunning sequencers entirely in favor of an unmatched arsenal of pad controllers. DUSTED–heard here in its entirely for the very first time–is our official introduction to the group, and if the record’s quality is any indication, these guys are poised to break through in a big way.

DUSTED kicks off with the bizarrely bouncy Burt, which sounds utterly unlike anything else going on in dance music at the moment, and thus sets the mood right for the rest of the unique tracks that follow. Dark and funky is the name of the game, and though the group utilizes an analog sound palette culled primarily from techno and garage/house, their syrupy, laid-back tempos suggest something more akin to hip hop–Suzanna even features some veritable G-funk grooves that ought to make Dr. Dre himself jealous. Taken as a whole, DUSTED is a remarkably self-assured debut from a very promising group.

At the tail end of the EP, Cotton Claw proves that their music is highly amenable to alternate interpretations through excellent remixes from Julien Mier, Kelpe, and Slugabed, who takes the group’s futuristic funk/house flavor to heart with his mix of Naked, but shows that there’s more than one way to execute this fusion–think of it as the spicy enchilada to Cotton Claw’s beefy burrito.

DUSTED is out Feb. 24 via Cascade Records, in both digital and 12″ vinyl formats. Pre-order now on Bandcamp.

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