May 06, 2014
PREMIERE: SomethingALaMode feat. DWNTWN – On My Mind (Jean Tonique Remix)
SomethingALaMode feat. DWNTWN - On My Mind (Jean Tonique Remix)

Parisian house producer Jean Tonique can’t get SomethingALaMode (pictured) off of his mind, and we can’t get his remix of On My Mind to stop playing on repeat between our ears. Thankfully we’ve got the exclusive first listen here, so you can join us in this hopeless addiction.

The centerpiece of both the original mix and Tonique’s take is undeniably the honey-soaked boy/girl vocals provided by LA’s DWNTWN. But while SALM uses the chorus as a vessel to propel the tune into the stratosphere, Tonique prefers to keep the beat patient and restrained. This is a different kind of catharsis–not the instant gratification of a DJ dropping your favorite tune on the dancefloor, but a hard-won sense of maturity that comes from a chronically broken heart.

Jean Tonique’s remix can be found on the On My Mind EP, out now on iTunes. The original mix comes from SomethingALaMode’s second album Endless Stairs. Peep the video for the original below:

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