Jun 24, 2015
PREMIERE: RIOTHOUSE Vol. 1 [Brooklyn Fire]
Tommie Sunshine & Halfway House - Shut It Down (Original Mix) [Brooklyn Fire]

DJ/producer/tastemaker extraordinaire Tommie Sunshine is back with a new fire in his shoes, and the name of this fire is RIOTHOUSE. Started in conjunction with up-and-coming producer Kevin Schuppel, aka KANDY, RIOTHOUSE is, in Tommie’s own words, “not a genre.
RIOTHOUSE is a collective of like-minded artists standing up to the industry and doing things in our own way. Everyone’s uniqueness is their strength. What we do is different and united we have power.”

The concept for RIOTHOUSE began when Tommie and Kevin began noticing a group of up-and-coming artists who were languishing alone on their labels. “I saw a lot of this music moving around and I couldn’t understand why the labels who had these guys on their roster weren’t putting out compilations and getting them to collaborate,” Tommie stated in an interview with LessThan3 at EDMbiz. “I reached out to Kevin and said ‘I’m getting all these demos of a similar flavor. Why don’t we A&R these compilations together, and that will be a really good way to propel us forward.'”

This was music to Kevin’s ears, as he is quite familiar with the struggles of a new artist in the inundated electronic music scene of 2015. “I know what it’s like being in the studio for 12 hours a day trying to get recognition from labels, artists, and blogs,” Kevin said. “I remember having to pay just for a blog to listen–not do a writeup, just listen.”

Tommie was quick to point out that this wasn’t some sort of exclusivity situation. “RIOTHOUSE isn’t about getting all of these guys in a spiderweb and keeping them from doing things elsewhere. This is about getting all of these moving pieces to interact with each other. I would be the happiest person in the world if Kevin or any of the RIOTHOUSE artists collaborated with any of these other artists and then that track went out on Revealed or a similar label and flipped that label’s agenda upside down. That would make us all successful.”

The first RIOTHOUSE compilation releases June 26 on Tommie’s own Brooklyn Fire label, and features six tracks influenced by electro house, tropical bass, and the current fad genre of jungle terror. Take an exclusive listen to the whole compilation above. While you listen, read about each of the tracks in Tommie’s own words below. There will be six RIOTHOUSE compilations in total, released biweekly, with Vols. 2 and 4 releasing for free. RIOTHOUSE artists to be featured are listed at the bottom of the article, above the compilation artwork.

1. KANDY & Olly James – Rumbla (Max Styler Remix)

Brooklyn Fire’s best-selling track of the past year gets a re-rub from Dim Mak rising star Max Styler. He takes the power of the original and sends it into hyperdrive with a futuristic soundset our feeble mortal minds can barely comprehend. I asked KANDY who should remix Rumbla, and his first choice was Max.

2. Tommie Sunshine, Sonny Denja & KANDY – Brassiere Up

Originally a project that Tommie started with Brooklyn Fire alum Sonny Denja years ago with a hardstyle kick in the spirit of The Partysquad. Then a decision was made to bring KANDY into the equation and take this to another level. As you can hear, this is powerful music–when I played it at EDC Vegas on the Wide Awake Art Car, said car almost tipped completely over. KABOOM!

3. Tommie Sunshine & Halfway House – Shut It Down

This track launched RIOTHOUSE, as I coined it to describe this very track while creating it alongside Halfway House in their Las Vegas compound. Those chants were recorded at various protests in Manhattan using my iPhone. The emotion of these recordings ruled the music and this track went on to fuel the creation of our entire collective. The fireworks went off while playing this at EDC Vegas–I couldn’t have been more proud.

4. Ruslan Slatin – Get Up

One half of Spanish duo ATICA, winners of the Spinnin’ Talent Pool. This track is so heavy, so relentlessly reckless, that mosh pits are in our dancefloors’ futures if this is to be the soundtrack. This track was so aggressive it had to be on Vol. 1.

5. Hedo – Frikya

Hailing from Chile, Hedo is nothing to f*ck with. This man has a grasp of breaks that goes far beyond his years and could very well be the guy in this lot who destroys all semblance of genre boundaries. Is this breaks? Is this dutch house? Is this music as we know it?

6. Wall – Ape

KANDY brought this track to my attention as it was buried and almost not released. After some convincing, Wall was talked into this appearing on the premiere volume of our RIOTHOUSE compilations. This sounds like a fight to the death in the deepest of jungles to some, while others just hear its call to tribal dance until your legs fail you.

RIOTHOUSE Roster (growing in real time):

Afro Bros
Funky Craig
Halfway House
Kovalenco Gennadi
Live City
Max Styler
Musica & Lavezzi
Olly James
Our Time
Ruslan Slatin
Sonny Denja
The Vandal Squad
Thee Cool Cats
Tomas Marc
Tommie Sunshine